So, I am a writer which means, in this day and age, that I need a blog. 


One might ask why, and one did. The answers were many and varied, mostly centering around the idea of becoming more visible. I also need a website, a Twitter ID to supplement my Facebook account and goodness only knows how many other social networking affiliations so that they can all be linked to each other, forming a complicated family network where anything I do on one of them will appear magically on all the others. 

The reality is, much of this is a necessary evil in today’s world of publishing. My dreams of being a writer revolved around slightly antiquated, but infinitely romantic, typewriters spitting out numerous pages that would eventually make an impressive pile that would constitute The Manuscript….which, in turn, might eventually reappear between hard covers of embossed leather. Now, I find myself navigating keyboards where the letters don’t only stand for the character on each key. Some of them, in combination, will delete or move entire blocks of text. Others, more miraculously, restore the block of text that should never have disappeared in the first place but did, owing to a digital malfunction (of the organic kind) when I hit the wrong key inadvertently. ‘Undo’, in the early days, was definitely my favourite icon as I learned the shortcuts.

Time has passed. I am now published online, on dedicated web based journals as well as the original print publications. I am learning new initials and acronyms like CPC, PV and SEO. Some of them I even understand when I bandy them around in conversations. The others are part of the bluff that I know what I’m doing. A recent promotion on one publication gave me my first experience of html – many times of opening the editing tool, looking and closing it again thinking that if I came back later it might make more sense. 

It didn’t. 

I got there eventually with the help of a more experienced colleague. And found, like many computer skills, that it is a largely mechanical process that becomes simple with familiarity. And so I progress. 

So, here is the blog. No fancy bells and whistles, but a place where I can experiment with the things that don’t find their way into other parts of my writing. A place that I may also play with some of my art. A place where issues that strike me in the worlds of art, writing and music can be explored. 

Please feel free to join the conversation and, when I get the hang of adding links to these pages, checking out more of my work in other places.